Terms And Conditions

1. Your Order

1.1 These terms and the details of your order are considered by us to be the whole agreement between you and us for the sale of your kitchen, flooring and joinery products. Please check the details within both are correct, complete and accurate before committing yourself to the contract. We would specifically draw your attention to any personal specifications or measurements relating to your order. Should you suspect an error has been made on our part please inform us at least 2 weeks prior to delivery. Please ensure you have read and understood these terms and conditions prior to signing your order as you will be bound by these terms once an Order Acknowledgement has been issued in store. Please note, your official Order Acknowledgement is not issued at the time of signing this document and refers to the confirmation of order details once the site survey has been completed. We will assign a reference number to your order, and we ask that you quote this in all correspondence with us relating to your order. You can view these terms at any time on our website.

2. Notice of the right to cancel

2.1 Under The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulation 2013, for all our products, we will allow you to cancel or amend your order within 14 calendar days of the initial order being placed. This will be your “cooling off period” In the circumstance that the order has been placed and paid for, the buyer shall be responsible for any costs incurred.

2.2 After the order is Acknowledged and final order signed all items are ordered and you are liable for the full value of the order. Should you wish to add new items to your order after this point it will be a new and separate order and thus separate lead times and additional delivery charges may apply.

2.3 If you wish to cancel the contract you must do so in writing and deliver personally or send (which may be by electronic mail or post) this to the person named below. You may use the form below if you want to, but you do not have to. The notice of cancellation is deemed to be served as soon as it is posted or in the case of an electronic communication from the day it is sent. Complete and return attached Customer Cancellation Notice part if you wish to cancel the contract

2.4 All our products, with exception of kitchen accessories, are made to order, using the specifications, measurements, plans, choices and details you have provided us with during the ordering process. This remains your responsibility, even if we are installing your products or have attended your premises prior to you placing your order. You may correct any errors prior to Acknowledgement, however we cannot guarantee changes or cancellation of your order after the Acknowledgment has been signed. Hence, any changes or cancellation of order made after production commenced would cause substantial disruption to the production and as a result incur significant costs. Therefore, we will not be able to provide replacements, or allow you to reject products that have been made to order which have been supplied to you in accordance with specifications, measurements, plans, choices and details you have provided us with during the ordering process unless the products are faulty or fail to comply with our warranty terms.

3. Samples

3.1 Any samples, illustrations and descriptions contained in our catalogues and brochures are issued solely to provide you with an approximate idea of the products. They do not form part of the contract between you and us. We have taken care to show all products as accurately as possible, despite this slight variation can occur, for example textures and colours may vary between different batches.

4. Terms of Sale

4.1 The terms of sale shall become binding once an order Acknowledgment has been issued. A quotation will have been issued to you on the basis that this will become an order. All quotations are valid for 30 days from their date of issue unless we write to you informing you otherwise. Any quotations subject to a promotional offer will be valid for 30 days from its date of issue to you or, if sooner, on the expiry of the promotional offer.

4.2 We reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time to reflect changes in market conditions that may affect our business. Changes in technology, payment methods, laws and regulatory requirements and changes in our systems capabilities. You are subject to the terms in force at the time you place your order with us.

5. Prior to Installation

5.1 You have the right to personally hire another contractor to carry out elements of the installation in conjunction with our fitter, but any such works are outside of our agreement with you. As such we accept no liability for any damage or delays in completion of your project arising as a result of any additional works carried out by such a chosen contractor.

5.2 The install plan will be issued no later than approximately 1 week prior to install, please ensure this is 100% correct prior to delivery, any changes beyond this point may be subject to additional costs. 5.3 It is the customers responsibility to ensure the water and electric services, unless stated otherwise are in the correct positions prior to install, abortive works or call backs will be subject to additional costs.

5.4 It is the customers responsibility to ensure the condition of the site is as shown or described on survey, if further obstructions or restrictions come to light, during install, this may be subject to the initial quotation being invalid and additional costs may be incorrect. See additional costs section below

6. Abortive works

6.1 visits will be subject to £300, per day, per person, for labour, plus 20%. the customer is to provide at least 7 calendar days notification in advance so the fitter can be notified.

7. Warantee

7.1We warrant that upon delivery and for a period of 12 months from the date of delivery any products not covered by the cabinet/door warranty:

  • Are of satisfactory quality;
  • are fit for purpose for which the products are specified
  • Comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements;


7.2 This warranty does not apply to any defect in products arising from:

  • Wilful damage and neglect;
  • Accidental damage occurring after delivery;
  • Use of the products in a way not recommended, or failure to follow instructions and/or care guidelines;

7.3 After this 12 month period, where products are no longer subject to the Warranty, we will endeavour to transfer to you any enduring warranty or guarantee given to us by the manufacturer. Installation services provided by us do not form part of these terms and are subject to separate terms and conditions .

Warranty is not endorsed or underwritten by any external insurance policy.

All warranty agreements are valid only for the original purchaser of the kitchens and are not transferable.

This does not affect your right to redress under the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

Installation warranty

We warrant that the installation services provided by us will be performed with reasonable skill and care, and the installation itself remains under warranty for a period of 12 months thereafter.

7.4 Any warrantee or guarantee will become active on handover, handover being once any final accounts are settled. Your warrantee or guarantee will be invalid if any balance remains

8. Quotation

8.1 The quotation or quote, is an estimate for the works provided, we reserve the right in full to amend or retract based on actual site conditions or mis representations, or areas that couldn’t be accessed upon initial survey

8.2 The quotation or quote is valid for maximum of 30 days, we reserve the right in full to retract or amend after the 30 day period based on any uplifts in labour and supply rates

8.3 All quotations are to be signed, once returned and signed this becomes a customer instruction. 8.4 The quotation will reflect the works requested by the customer, all on site verbal instructions are to be confirmed, in writing, for further action.

9. Liability

9.1 We will not accept liability for any fault or damage caused by incorrect measurements provided by you during the ordering process, or by pre- existing damage to walls or utility connections to which products are attached.

10. Installation

10.1 If the installation services have not been carried out to an appropriate standard, you must notify us in writing. If you fail to do so, this may affect your warranty. This does not apply to problems arising from the installation after the fact.

10.2 if the 1

0.3 We will endeavour to complete the installation services within the agreed timescale but will not be held liable for any reasonable delays due to unforeseen circumstances. No compensation will be given for inconvenience or costs incurred due to the project running over schedule for an unforeseen reason.

11. Your responsibilities


– Ensuring that our fitter has clear and safe access to the area where the installation services are to be carried out;

– Providing adequate power, lighting, heating and other necessary facilities for the fitter to be able to carry out the installation services.

11.2 If you choose to appoint your own tradesperson(s), rather than our installer, to carry out any part of the work, or additional works coinciding with our installation, you must ensure that these works are carried out with reasonable skill and care. In the event that our fitter is unable to proceed with the installation services due to incomplete or sub-standard workmanship of the additional contractor(s) the fitter will suggest one of the following:

– Arrange a date in the future to carry out the installation services to allow you the time to rectify the defective additional works.

Please note, it is your responsibility to ensure that the products are stored in a suitable environment until such time as the fitter is able to install the products, should the situation mentioned above occur. You will be responsible for any costs, loss and/or damage caused due to the fitter being unable to carry out the installation services on the original date.

You must inform us of any known structural defects or anomalies at the location where the installation services are to be carried out which may affect the installation services.

If during the installation services, you agree with the installer to deviate from the plan, then this must be communicated with Langley Joinery Co, Only if the deviation is advised by the installer and confirmed by your Designer and our Project Manager, will Langley Joinery Co.. be liable if the deviation causes loss or damage.

If at any time throughout the installation you have any concerns about the installer or the quality of workmanship, you must contact us immediately. Do not wait until the installation is complete.

On completion of the installation services, you will be asked to sign a certificate of completion and allow us to take photographs of the completed works. If you are not happy in any way with the installation services which have been carried out, you should note this on the certificate of completion.

If you raise a claim or issue in regard to the installation services you must allow us access to review the installation services/products and to take photographs of any alleged damage or poor quality of work.

12. Installation services

12.1 that you comply with your obligations, to ensure that the fitter completes the installation to the specifications discussed at time of purchase

12.2  If, during the installation services, it appears that the walls are incapable of holding the products supplied or the utility connections are unsafe, faulty, flawed or of poor quality, we reserve the right to suspend the installation service until the necessary remedial works have been completed.

12.3 Whilst we will try to ensure our fitters keep dust and disruption to a minimum during the provision of the installation services, you should take all reasonable and necessary steps to minimise the impact of the installation services, for example by moving breakables/delicate items and covering areas likely to be affected with dust sheets. Whilst the fitters will endeavour to clean up after themselves, you should expect some dust to result from the installation services and you agree that we will not be liable for any cleaning expenses resulting from such dust.

12.4 12.5 13. Delivery

13.1 13.2 We will make reasonable effort to deliver your order within 60 days of your order confirmation or as per the timescale agreed at the time of placing the order. Delivery will be made within the UK only, to an address nominated by you. We will contact you to arrange delivery. Our project coordinator will confirm this within 7 days of your order confirmation. We will give you same day notice of when your delivery will be made – in the morning or the afternoon. 13.3 13.4 13.5 13.6 You must ensure that either you or a nominated person over the age of 18 is present at the designated delivery address to accept and sign for the delivery

13.7 All deliveries must be checked within reasonable time. Any discrepancies found between the delivery and the Order Acknowledgement must be reported to us within this timescale. It is your responsibility to inspect the products upon delivery. If the products are damaged upon arrival you must report this to us within three calendar days. Any claims submitted after this time will not be accepted.

13.8 You must ensure that our delivery team have clear and safe means of access to your nominated delivery address. If this is not done, we reserve the right to refuse to deliver and will store the items at cost to you until such time as access is clear and safe.

13.9 You must ensure that the delivery date agreed at order acknowledgement stage can be fulfilled, if you are not home for delivery, unable to take the delivery or haven’t provided safe means of access for delivery we reserve the right in full to return the delivery to the manufacturer, in which case the full amount can be charged or additional delivery costs for abortive delivery and return delivery.

14. Returns

14.1 In the unlikely event that the products delivered do not conform with our terms, please let us know as soon as possible. You have a 30 day short term right to reject on faulty goods and the right to a full refund within 14 days of it being agreed. This does not apply if the goods are installed incorrectly where a right to repair or replacement or price reduction is applicable.

14.2 Where a product has been returned to us we will make a thorough examination of it and either repair it, replace it, or issue a refund for the defective product. Where a refund is issued due to a defect, the price of the specific item will be refunded in full, along with the relevant delivery charge and any charges incurred in returning the item to us. For replacement or repair of a defective product we will not charge you for re-delivery. You must notify us of your intention to return a product by contacting your designer or our project co-ordinator.

14.3 Where defects are discovered within six months, Langley Joinery Co. acknowledges your protection as per the Consumer Rights Act, and the defect will be taken to have been present at the time of delivery (unless we prove otherwise). After six months you must demonstrate the issue and may need to provide some evidence that the damage was not caused by you. This reverse burden of proof does not apply when you use the 30 day short term right to reject option.

15. Price and Payment

15.1 Payments for products must be made in advance of delivery as per the terms set out in the Order Acknowledgement. To secure your purchase we require a deposit of 90% of the total order balance, which we will invoice with the order acknowledgment and design approval. The 10% will be retained by the customer as retention and must be paid on delivery.

15.2 If you wish to secure additional protection of your funds, we suggest that you pay part of the deposit value (min. £100) by credit card. This practice will enable your entire purchase to be covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. When you make purchase on credit card that cost between £100 and £30,000, you benefit from an extra level of protection if something goes wrong. This credit card protection for purchases helps you get a full refund from you credit provider, even if you only pay a small proportion of the price by credit card, for example paying a £100 deposit, you are still covered.

15.3 Once the 90% has been paid this triggers the manufacture process, we will not commence until this balance is received and we reserve the right to withdraw the “quotation” if balance isn’t paid within the 30 day period specified

15.4 The remaining 10% retention must be paid on delivery and sign off of goods.

16. Complaints Procedure

16.1 We always endeavour to provide the best service and products for our customers. However, on rare occasions, we recognise that there may be times where you may not be completely satisfied. To ensure we are able to put things rights as soon as we can, please read our complaints procedure below and we will respond promptly to ensure complete satisfaction. As soon as possible after the completion of the works, please inspect the work to ensure everything has been carried out to our usual high standards. In the unlikely event there is anything you are not completely satisfied with, please contact us as soon as you can in order that we can rectify any problems as soon as possible.

16.2 Write to us at info@langleyjoinery.co.uk to raise your complaint, our team will review and provide a response within 7 working days

17. Right of withdrawal

17.1 We reserve the right in full to withdraw the quote or quotation, consequently withdrawing ourselves from the project in the following circumstances

– Failure to pay within the agreed timeframe

– Condition of the site not being as described or as surveyed

– Condition of the site is in such state, which couldn’t be reviewed upon survey

– Unsafe working conditions

– Health and Safety breaches

– Aggressive, threatening or untoward behaviour to any of our employees or subcontractors

17.2 In the case of withdrawal, we will assess any costs incurred, damages and submit within 7 working days of notice of withdrawal

18. Costs 1

8.1 Should the condition of the site not be as described or as surveyed, Langley Joinery reserve the right in full to claim additional costs incorrect

18.2 Additional works will be covered by a daywork sheet provided by Langley Joinery Employee or a subcontractor on behalf of Langley Joinery, which will set out the works which are deemed as additional, the reason why and amount of time spent, additional works not previously instructed will be charged at £40 per hour plus 20%.

18.3 Abortive works will be charged at £300 per day, per person, plus 20%

18.4 The customer has the right to object to any additional works claims, please

18.5 If additional works are requested, we may request that written instruction is provided

18.6 Failure to pay additional costs may result in your warrantee becoming invalid

18.7 Failure to Pay additional costs may be subject to recovery action

18.8 Failure to pay additional costs, in the timeframe requested may result in withdrawal, your initial quotation may be invalid in such circumstance

18.9 The initial design by Langley Joinery Is provided free of charge, should extensive changes be required from the agreed design, further designs are charged at £195 per design, it is entirely at Langley Joinery’s discretion of if to charge this amount in this circumstance